muuv is a moving revolution.

Not every move fits in the same box. That’s why we provide a tailored experience just for you. Our tech-forward process puts you squarely in the driver’s seat, and our professional movers (who just happen to live in your city) can promise you an experience that’s sustainable, stress-free, and enjoyable.

get personal

You’ll be assigned a personal muuv ambassador to handle your entire move. So you’ll never get stuck in a queue or feel like a number.

Your personal concierge is here to make your move go perfectly, from scheduling all the details to even recommending the best take-out in your neighborhood.

We’ve got experts to help you keep organized every step of the way. Should you need someone to hang your flat screen for your next movie marathon, we can do that too.

‘your’ experience

Life moves fast and that’s why we’ve designed the muuv experience to keep you in front of the pack.

From the moment you receive your quote to the goodbye fist bumps, you will be able to track your move every step of the way.

For your convenience we accept bitcoin and other forms of crypto currency too.

go green

Our sustainable business practices are better for you, your pets, your plants, and the planet.

Our award-winning corporate commitment to sustainability is evident in everything we do. For example, we are paperless, our packing materials are green, our buildings use solar power, and we are committed to lowering our carbon footprint with an electric fleet of trucks by 2025.

Our team is your team

When you relocate (even cross town) unexpected issues can arise. You’re not going to have to face them alone. Your relocation expert will work with you and help you think things through, and problem solve in advance. Whatever you need, we’ve got you.


move smarter™

Our staff is professionally trained at our on-site facility. We teach them how to serve you best, plus they are local. So, they know how to get around the hidden backstreets, the quirky alternate side of the street parking rules, and can maneuver your favorite couch through a tricky narrow hallway or down a steep staircase.

little extras

Need a new shelf to display your vinyl collection? Or some other simple touch to make your new place feel like home? Our carpenters are available to help you make the very most out of your new space.

If you need a suggestion for the best gluten-free pizza or sushi nearby, your muuv specialist can provide that.

What if you want to clear out the clutter before you move? No worries, our organizing gurus are ready to help organize your everyday loves.

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