COI Three Little Letters That Open Doors (literally)

Thinking about insurance may not be all that exciting, but a Certificate of Insurance (COI) is a necessary requirement that opens doors, really. Many buildings won’t allow movers to set foot on their premises if they’ve not received a moving COI far in advance of the move. Here are some helpful things to know about the COI.

What is a certificate of insurance anyway?

A COI is almost ALWAYS a necessity. Many buildings will not allow a mover through the door without a COI in place – on no uncertain terms, a COI is a “must-have” for moving. It protects building and property owners from damages, accidents, injuries, and similar mishaps that might happen during a move. The Certificate of Insurance provides several different types of coverage. With muuv, your COI will cover property damage and workers’ compensation.

Most COIs cover $1-2 million per move. Some buildings require much higher coverage, depending on the building you’re moving into. Find out what you need muvv has you covered for $10 million.


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Plan Ahead For A Seamless Experience

Did you know some places require a COI just to reserve the elevator for a time slot to move? As they say in NYC if you don’t have a COI you can “fuggedaboutit.” Make sure you know the rules of your new building far in advance so you can be prepared and schedule your time on move day. The COI must be approved by the management or board in the building. Talk to your building management company about any other requirements for your movers.

How to Get A COI In Place the muuv Way!

Experience has brought the opportunity to work with some fantastic people who have helped make us.


First Step

Contact your building management team at both move-out and move-in locations to determine if a COI is required. If so, obtain a sample COI from each building. It is important to work with both buildings’ management to determine the specific language they require.


Activate muuv

Email your COI details and samples to [email protected] and reference your job # in the subject line.


muuv COI Review

muuv COI support team will review your request to ensure all building requirements are satisfied, including proper formatting of the COI and insurance coverage limits.


muuv Handoff

Once finalized, our team will turn around the COI within 24 hours from the request and will email a final COI directly to your building management with a copy to you for your records.


muuv Smarter

Our team will provide continued support throughout your move process should building management require any changes to your insurance coverage.

Worry-free Protection When You Need it Most

Rihanna sang it best–we invite you to stand under our umbrella..ella…ella.

With muuv, you get umbrella coverage as well as cargo insurance, automotive liability, and liability insurance.

If There Is Any Damage To The Building

Your COI protects against broken elevators, and damage to pipes, walls, hallways, stairs, and common areas.

Should Someone Get Hurt On The Job

Injury to workers is also covered through worker’s compensation insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions about COIs

The answer is yes. Apartment insurance will not cover the scope, or dollar amount, of what a COI policy would cover.

No. While some companies charge for this service, we do not charge anything. This service is free for both origin and desitination, and it is included in your moving quote.

That’s fine. Not all managements require one. If the management or super informed you that there is no need for one, you are all set in this regard.

Each COI is valid for a certain period. In most cases you will not need to obtain an updated COI unless your management specifically asks for another one.

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Thinking about insurance may not be all that exciting, but a Certificate of Insurance (COI) is a necessary requirement that opens doors, really.

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