Hats Off to Healthy Tippers

The price of your move doesn’t include a tip, but it is something you should add to your budget. We value our movers and encourage you to thank them for a job well done by adding some bling to their bank! Below you will find a few “tips” to consider when the dust settles.

Tipping The Scales
A Good Tip Makes For A Great Day

Moving puts a substantial physical strain on the body–even for the best trained and most seasoned movers. Tipping is not mandatory however, our movers take great pride in what they do. If you feel truly “wowed” by your crew, you can always go above and beyond with a larger tip you find commensurate with the work. If you feel underwhelmed or unhappy with your service, please address the issues through customer service during your move. We recommend you tip a minimum of 5%.

This handy tipping calculator can serve as a guide as you make your decision. Be sure to read on for more info and inspo to help you with the recommended tip based on the following:

Recommended Tip
Quality of Service
Complexity of Move
Size of Crew

How To Factor Tipping Into Your Budget

Use the below as your guide when tipping your skilled and hardworking movers and staff.

Local Moves

For those moves across towns or a neighboring borough, we recommend 10% – 20% of your total costs

Long Distance Moves

For those moves to a neighboring state or further we recommend 5% – 10% of your total costs

Specialty Services

If you had a Packing, Carpentry, Organizing, or Design Crew we recommend 10% – 20% of the costs of each individual bill

Additional Signs of Gratitude

Movers love a good tip, of course. But if you want to make your experience even more awesome, here are a few other things you can do for your team of moving pros:

  • Offer them refreshments such as water, soda, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, sports drinks, or juices.
  • Snackage Anyone? Order in a pizza, grab some sandwiches, tacos, and whatever is easy to eat. Your movers get hungry just like everyone else does.
  • Avoid the Awkward. Stock your bathroom with liquid soap and toilet paper.
  • Show Your Gratitude in the form of a positive online review. A simple thank you also shows you care. Everyone likes to be appreciated, including your movers. They take great pride in what they do so your appreciation means a lot.
  • Just remember, a ‘thank you’ is nice. A good tip is nicer! 🙏

Frequently Asked Questions about Tipping

We instruct our movers NOT to ask for gratuity. If you are approached in an uncomfortable way, please contact the office.

You can hand the tip to each employee individually or hand it to the foreman who will distribute it evenly.


Yes, we actually prefer any other payment method than cash. You can add your tip to the move charge and the office can run it. For your convenience, we also work with Zelle, Venmo, or Crypto!

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