Small Projects: Can You Hire Movers for a Single Item?

Are you moving a single, large item into your place? Are you wondering whether a moving company will help you out? Read on to get the scoop.
Ross Sapir
By Ross Sapir
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Most people think movers are only for huge moves from one place to another. 

They imagine a group of movers moving someone's entire life across the country. And this is definitely part of what we do. 

But we're also here for the smaller projects. We're here to make your moving experience easier, no matter how many, or how few, items you're moving. 

Here are three situations in which you may be moving only one item. And how we can help you through them

1. Using that Storage

Let's say you've got a sofa in your storage unit. You thought it wouldn't be right for your new place. But now, you're wondering whether it's actually a perfect fit. 

A sofa is way too big to move on your own! In that situation, reach out to us, and we'll be able to move it to your place in no time.

You should never hesitate when wondering whether we'll agree to help you. 

Because we always will!

2. Finding Something New

Let's say you found a vintage desk at your local thrift shop. You've been thinking of getting rid of the one you currently have, and this one seems ideal. 

If you're hoping for help, we've got you. We can remove your current desk, and bring your new one directly from the thrift shop! 

Again, this isn't a big deal for us. We love small projects like this and can tackle them quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

3. Spreading the Love

Let's say you've offered to give your friend an armchair. Even if they live close by, moving an object like that is exhausting.

So let us know! And we'll meet you at your place to bring it to theirs. Our favorite thing about moving is this spirit of collaboration. 

We're always hoping to hear from people with projects like this!

In the End

No matter why you're hoping to move a single item, we've always got your back.

For us, moving is about quality, not quantity. Whether the project takes five minutes or five hours, all we care about is moving your things correctly with care.

So get in touch whenever you're ready. And check out the rest of our blog for more notes about our process.

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