The Best Tips for a Stress-Free Move

Packing your life into a handful of boxes and moving to a new place is one of the most stressful, exhausting experiences out there. But it doesn't have to be! We're here to remind you that it can be an exciting, reflective start to the next chapter of your life. From blasting your favorite tunes to incorporating yoga into the process, here are 7 tips for making your move stress-free.
Ross Sapir
By Ross Sapir
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You've got a big move ahead of you. If you're starting to get more and more stressed every day, you're not alone. Moving is famously taxing, both physically and emotionally. But there are ways to make your move stress-free, and have fun in the process. The first of these 7 tips is a guiding principle and can even be applied beyond the moving process. Hopefully they're helpful, and if they are, reach out to our movers! We'd love to help make your move even more stress-free.

Ready, Set, Relax

1. Feeling Overwhelmed = Opportunity for Innovation

Recognizing that feeling overwhelmed is an opportunity to shake things up, is the first step to making your move stress-free. Before you get rid of the stress, you've got to feel the stress, and be mindful of how it's impacting you and your move. Once you do that, you can tailor the rest of these tips to your vibe, personality, and plans. Even though the stress is unpleasant, if you dwell in it for a while before your move is fully underway, you'll be able to understand why you're feeling so stressed, to dampen specific stressors more effectively, and to make move day much easier.

2. Build a Sound

We've written extensively about the power of playlists, but it's worth mentioning again here. Don't interpret "build a sound" to mean "throw a bunch of random songs in a playlist so you'll have something to listen to while moving." Instead, think of it as an invitation to curate a playlist that will mean something to you while you move. This doesn't mean that the songs have to be sad or heavy or anything like that. It means that the songs should work together to create a feeling that you love and that you know will help you focus and mellow out on move day. The songs can be slow or incredibly energetic, but they should help you get in the zone, so that you almost forget you're immersed in an exhausting experience. Once you're in the zone, you'll be much freer to reflect upon the exciting new chapter you're starting!

3. Scents Make Sense

Scents, like sounds, can help build a relaxing, comfortable vibe while you're moving. You can go about this however you like, but it's a good idea to bring your favorite smells along with you during the move if you can. For example, if lavender tends to calm you down, buy some sprigs of lavender and tape one to the top of each of your boxes. That way, when you're hauling one up the stairs, you'll suddenly smell the lavender and remember to chill out. If this sounds a little too funky for you, maybe head up to your new, empty apartment and light a candle or set up your essential oil diffuser before you start bringing boxes up. When you step into your new place with heavy boxes throughout the day, you'll be stepping into a space that smells and feels like home already.

4. Stretch It Out

Studies have shown that yoga is a highly effective (and fun!) way to relieve stress. You might think you need a mat and fancy clothes to get into yoga, but in reality, anyone can do it almost anywhere. One of the best ways to start is to follow along with a video like this one. At the end of a little yoga session on the morning of your move, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Check out of the world for a few minutes, and center yourself in a state of calm and quiet. During the move, you can remember those few minutes and recreate the calm in the midst of all the chaos.

5. Let It Out

Before move day, schedule a chat with someone close to you and verbalize your stress. As you explain to them what you're stressed about and why, you'll probably discover that they've been through something similar. They may be able to offer advice, but even if they just offer their attention to your situation, talking out your stress is a great way to analyze it further and, in a way, get over it before the move has even officially started. It's key not to let your stress fester in the days and weeks approaching the big day. Being transparent about it with those around you will help you realize that the long-term benefits of the move far outweigh the stress of the short-term, and inspire you to approach the move with a calm, collected perspective.

6. Think of Moving as a Game

Approaching move day as if it were a game can help you become both more excited about and immersed in the process. Rather than thinking of carrying your desk up the stairs as a burden, think of it as a challenge, the completion of which will yield a comfortable new study space. Instead of stressing about the monotony of bringing boxes up, dropping them off, and going back down to grab another one, assign each box a certain number of points. Once you reach 25 points, let's say, you might earn a 10-minute break. Each category can be assigned points, too: boxes could be worth 5, chairs 7, pillows 2, and so on. Once you've brought it all up to your new place, you win this round of the game, and can focus on the exciting new challenges ahead!

7. Make a Plan - and Stick to It!

As you're planning out your move day, add a note to your to-do list that says "Stick to the plan!" Creating a list is one of the best ways to relieve stress ahead of the move, because you will have already imagined and worked through the details of the day in your mind. But actually sticking to your plan is the best way to calm down. When you stick to your plan, you trust your past self, who understood that the move would be chaotic and made an effort to establish order within it. When you abandon the plan, everything becomes even more murky and hectic than it already is on any move day. Allowing your plan to take the lead will ensure you move in a smooth, logical, step-by-step way, no matter what the day throws at you.

Deep Breaths

You've got this. Remember: feeling your stress right now, while you're looking at your move from a bit of a distance, will help you prepare well for it and come up with ways to secure a stress-free move. Hopefully some of the ones in this blog struck a chord with you. If they did, check out some of our other tips on move day here, and also how to make your first night in your new place amazing.

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