Clearing Out the Clutter: 5 Ideas for Getting Rid of Furniture in NYC

If you're moving out of your apartment, you might be hoping for a fresh start with new furniture. But what do you do with what you've got already? We've got you covered on tips and platforms that can help you get rid of your furniture in efficient, fun ways.
Ross Sapir
By Ross Sapir
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Even if you've grown to love your furniture, moving to a new apartment can spark creativity and inspire you to seek a completely fresh start. Getting rid of furniture in NYC isn't the smoothest process in the world, but there are plenty of ways to do it. From selling to donating to storing your furniture, here are 5 ideas for clearing out your place when getting ready to move on.

Starting Fresh

1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is one of the easiest, quickest ways to get rid of furniture in NYC. Though it's sometimes tough to find exactly what you're looking for on a large, public forum like this, the broadness of Facebook Marketplace opens doors to new design ideas you might never have dreamed of before. In this way, it's best to approach Facebook Marketplace with an open mind, with more of a vague idea of what you're looking for while you scroll. If you're looking for a specific IKEA desk, you might have a tough time pinning it down, but if you're looking for a sleek desk broadly speaking, you're bound to find something you love at a great price in no time.

2. Thrift Stores

Whether it's Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or a mom-and-pop thrift store in your neighborhood, donating your furniture is a great way to give back while getting a fresh start. It's a good idea to call ahead before you lug your sofa or dresser all the way there, though. They may already have a surplus of sofas and chairs, but not enough desks, in which case you can bring your sofa and chairs to one thrift store, and your desk to the other. 

While selling your furniture on Facebook Marketplace might seem like the more profitable option for getting rid of furniture at first, it can sometimes be difficult to sell certain items of furniture before your move-out date. Donating your furniture, then, gives you maximum control over when you get rid of your furniture and allows you to contribute to your community in the process.

3. Reaching Out

Doling out your older furniture to local friends and family is one of the most fun ways to get rid of your furniture because in a way, you never really get rid of it. In NYC, you'll find that people are always looking for exciting new ways to make their tiny apartments feel more like home, and furniture can often make that happen. If you send out a handful of texts to friends in the neighborhood, or maybe even in your building, you're sure to get a bunch of interest.

The local aspect of this option is key. Bringing your furniture to a thrift store, unless it's pretty close, can definitely be strenuous and require a bit of help. But if you're giving your furniture to your friends, you can collaborate to bring it to their place, and even visit it once you've moved into your new place! With this option, you can be absolutely certain that your furniture is living a productive second life helping somebody create a cozy home in NYC. 

4. Storage

You might find that although you want a fresh start and are committed to getting new furniture, you're not 100% ready to part with some of your current pieces. If this is the case, don't forget that you've always got the option of putting your furniture in storage for a while.

Our storage service is like a VIP pass to the city. We know that moving and storage go hand-in-hand, and with multiple facilities throughout the cities we serve, we provide a bespoke experience for all of your needs, no matter how big or small. We guarantee green practices, too, so you can always feel good about your storage space. Reach out to start storing today!

5. Sidewalk Vibes

Before you place furniture on the sidewalk, either to sit by it and sell it throughout the day or just to leave it there for someone to pick up for free, make sure to check the legal details with your landlord. Often, people moving out of their apartments will leave furniture (sometimes really amazing furniture) out front in "trash" piles. This definitely isn't smiled upon, but if you genuinely are leaving your furniture out in the street as "trash," then it can be a decent, and very quick, method of getting rid of your furniture. Try the other options first, though, because it's never good to waste a perfectly good piece of furniture, which really could make a difference in someone else's apartment.

Moving On

Now that you've gotten rid of your furniture, give us a call! We'd love to help move the rest of your stuff to your new place. If these tips came in handy, check out our survey of the rules of moving to NYC and our blog about how to move stress-free.

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