How to Make Your First Night in Your New Place Amazing

Relocation can be tough—but it doesn’t have to be. With a little bit of foresight, you can be prepared for just about anything on move day (and your first night). Here are some great tips that will ensure you have a smooth transition and enjoy your first night in your new home.
Ross Sapir
By Ross Sapir
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Have a Fun First Night in Your New Place.

Let’s face it, first nights can be awkward–and first mornings can be worse. But there will be no walk of shame for you! Let’s talk about how you can make your first night in your new place amazing. So after you wave goodbye to your movers and please don’t forget to tip them–your first night in your new place can be fun, and believe it or not–exciting.

  • When packing for a move, be sure to reserve a few boxes and mark them, “Move-In.”
  • The purpose of these boxes is so that you have what you need close at hand on the first night after your move.
  • Direct your movers that these boxes will be the last ones loaded onto the moving truck and the first ones unloaded at your new residence.
  • You can also use a suitcase for your personal stuff. Don’t forget to include medication, clothing, toiletries, and other essentials.
  • Take gentle care of your fur babies! Pack their medication, food, bowls, extra leashes, and toys in their very own first-night move-in box.

Sometimes it’s good to be basic

Basic staples can be easy to forget during chaos. Be sure to back your essentials so you have them ready when you need them–and you will need them.

You’ll need things to clean floors and fixtures, throw away the trash, and help you unpack. Here are some things you should pack in your move-in box:

  • Toilet paper
  • Soap
  • Trash bags
  • Window and counter spray
  • Box cutter
  • Paper towels
  • Shower curtain
  • Cleaning rags
  • Mops and brooms
  • Dustpan

You will want to clean areas of your new digs ASAP, so always remember to pack a box for the basics.

Being hangry is not an option

Of course, there’s take-out, but that’s not always enough! Your kitchen may not be set up and unpacked the first night you are in your new home. This is why you need to pack a first-night move-in box with food and drinks for you. Keep in mind that your fridge and microwave may not be available on your first night.

Here are some essential food and drink items to reserve in a move-in box:

  • Beef jerky, turkey jerky, Vegan jerky, you get the point
  • Non-perishable items
  • Power bars and granola snacks
  • Coffee
  • Bottles of water
  • Peanut butter and jelly
  • Bread
  • Popcorn

Some of our favorite apps are DoorDash and Uber Eats. Both are great options to try out some of the local bites from your new neighborhood.

Ready for ‘whatever’

Another tip from our Pros is to pack a “First-Night” Box with a few things that are usually the first things people look for when moving in. Make sure you label it and let our Movers know about it so we can make sure to pack it last on the truck or make it easily accessible.

  • Emergency first-aid kit
  • Prescription medication
  • Phone chargers and other chargers
  • iPads for kids
  • Laptops

Less stress is best

Hiring professional furniture movers really is the easiest way to take the stress out of moving. They have the knowledge and expertise to safely pack your items and transport them to your new location. Be sure to take time for self-care during your move and the days after.

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