9 Pro Tips To Make Move Day the Best Day Ever

Professional movers plan for the uncertainty during moves, and so should you. They make timelines to get prepared way in advance and break the work down into manageable pieces. They take care of themselves before, during, and after moves and always aim to stay positive. To learn more about how to move like a pro and love the process, check out 9 of our best tips below!
Ross Sapir
By Ross Sapir
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A little OCD Can Come in Handy.

You’re smart. You’re savvy. You know how to play this game of life. But that doesn’t mean that stress won’t try it’s best to seep in to your life as you plan your move. There are many ways to prevent a stressful moving experience. The most effective way is to plan for the big day well in advance. Here’s how:

1. Tik Tok…make a timeline

One of the biggest causes of stress on moving day is being unprepared. Create a timeline of the steps that you are going to take to prepare for your move. Do this well enough in advance to give you time to complete everything.

Then, make a schedule for moving day. If you choose muuv, your team will provide you with an arrival window to make this step easier. This might seem crazy, but you would be surprised how many people forget to eat on moving day! Never forget to eat! Move day or any day! We don’t want that for you.

2. Lightbulb…update your packing tips

Think of your favorite explainer feeds on TikTok or Instagram that introduce you to fun new life hacks. That is us only for moving! Through on-site experience, our pros have learned a few new tricks and would love to share them with you.

For example, the biggest mistake individuals make when packing is they forget to make an inventory list of their important stuff. This list helps prioritize items before the move and more importantly after your move to make sure everything made it to your new home.

After you make your inventory list, you can go to YouTube to learn how to safely pack your possessions. There are many helpful tips from moving companies and demonstrations you should follow.

3. Chunk it out

Remember college exam prep? The best way to learn would be to break the work down into bite-sized pieces. Moving can seem like an overwhelming task, too. But it doesn’t have to be. Make a plan to do something to prepare every day before your move.

Complete one task from your timeline each day, and you’ll be all set for move day. There are steps below this one that will take some time to complete. Plan to do a little bit of each one every day to make moving easier. Each tip in this list will take no time at all if you dedicate yourself to completing them.

4. You do you

In the middle of a move, people often forget self-care. Don’t make this mistake. Take some time to make yourself a priority.

  • Eat meals and snacks
  • Take necessary medication
  • Pack an overnight bag
  • Schedule breaks and stress-relieving activities
  • Have Cash on hand for tipping movers (need a new link that I will revise)

5. Sort out parking, elevator, and utilities

New Yorkers understand this step all too well. You will need to make the proper reservations in your building for moving day. This might include reserving the service elevator, loading dock, or sufficient parking for the moving truck.

If you live outside of NYC, this step is still necessary. Streets and neighborhoods have moving restrictions, so be sure to make the proper plans for moving day.

Don’t forget to arrange for your utilities early on. Gas, electric, internet, solar, cable. If you drive an electric car make sure you have a charging station. These little details can become a BIG deal if they get lost along the way. Also make sure you have your computer, cell, and chargers handy.

6. Update important documents

This is tedious without proper planning. You will need to update all of your important documents with your new address well before moving day. This includes the utilities listed above as well. Spend 10 minutes per day to update one important document, before you know it, it will be complete.

7. Get zen

It is important to remain positive throughout the moving day process. This quote from Psychology Today provides great inspiration.

“Moving itself…is stressful. It may be less so if you have enough money to simply turn the entire process over to a moving company.”

Prepare and plan some stress management techniques such as meditation and positivity. Perhaps create a mantra “today is going to be the best day of my life.”

Visualize a successful move and then remain positive during moving day, even when things do not go according to plan. You will be surprised to know how powerful a simple breathing exercise can be when faced with issues on move day.

8. Plan for pets

It’s not safe or smart to have pets running around the house on moving day. Daily routines are essential to them. It is important that you stick to theirs as closely as possible to prevent stress. It’s a good idea to board your pets or ask a close friend to watch them for a few days while you move. That way you can introduce them to their new home in a peaceful and nurturing way.

9. Farm your move out to the pros

Highly trained professional movers have the knowledge and experience to handle your move seamlessly. Using a professional moving company will take the pressure off of you during moving day. Many companies offer white glove moving services that will allow you to completely leave everything to them. Whatever your budget, investing in professional movers is a game-changer.

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