Rain Check: Last Minute Tips for Moving In During a Storm

In stormy months like this, your move day plans can be interrupted anytime. Are there ways to prepare for bad weather, and should you postpone your move if you haven't prepared? Read on for some key tips to keep in mind.
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By Ross Sapir
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In an ideal world, everyone would be able to move in on a perfect day. But weather often gets in the way, causing frustrating and last-minute problems. Sudden storms are really tough to prepare for, but by getting into a more open mindset ahead of the move, it's totally possible either to brave the storm or postpone your move without too much stress. 

The key to handling weather just before a big move is to stay calm, patient, and steady.

Here are some ways to get into that mindset, and also some steps you can take to prepare practically for actually moving during a storm.

Step Outside the Rush

When you learn that bad weather may be on the way right before your move, your first response will probably be a moment of panic. What'll happen to your plans? What'll happen to your stuff? Will you have to postpone? These and other questions might be swirling around in your mind, but the essential thing to remember is that the weather is completely out of your control.

If right now, you decide to be open to the possibility that your move day could be interrupted by bad weather, these thoughts won't be able to overwhelm you. If you choose to be mindful of the fact that a lot is actually out of your control, even on a day when you've packed your entire life into boxes with endless attention to detail, you'll be able to go with the flow. When you go with the flow during the moving process, everything suddenly becomes less stressful. In letting the day happen, rain or shine, you can free your mind to start thinking about solving problems you actually can tackle.


Now that you've accepted the situation, it's time to assess it. How long does the radar say the storm will last? If it's a quick one, it might be possible just to wait a few hours and move in later in the day. If it's going to last all day, are the gaps in the radar where you might be able to take at least a few boxes in? 

Learn as much as you can about the upcoming hours. Accuweather always tends to be the most reliable source for us. If the storm is too wild, prioritize your safety and postpone until tomorrow. Never worry about what the moving company will think in this situation: we've always appreciated a client's choice to postpone during a storm and are totally happy to move them to another time. And if you want us to try to start the move during a rainstorm, don't feel guilty! We love challenging projects, and moving clients in during a storm can be pretty exciting. 

Essentially, it's best to go with your gut after you've assessed the forecast. If you know it'll be rainy but not too overwhelming, and you feel like you'd rather go for it, then go for it! But if you've got any doubts at all about whether your stuff will be okay in the storm, or whether you and your movers will be able to stay safe if you decide to go ahead, then don't hesitate to postpone. 

This is where the first step comes into play again: although it can be difficult to decide to postpone, having perspective on the process can help you realize that you'll be moving in eventually and that one or two days won't make all the difference in the world. 

Packing Ahead

If you and your movers do decide to move in despite the weather, get ready for a crazy but thrilling day! You're going with the flow of the storm in a literal way, and that can make for some of the best possible move-day memories. 

Making this decision at the last minute might mean you're willing to head out into the rain or sleet or snow without the perfect equipment or protection for your stuff. But if you know you're moving in a month like April or August, where storms pop up suddenly, there are a few ways you can work ahead and prepare for a storm.

The three most important items you'll want to have somewhere, preferably at the top of one of your easily accessible boxes, are garbage bags, duct tape, and ponchos. If you tear the garbage bags down the side and tape them to other torn bags, you can create makeshift tarps for your boxes and furniture in no time!

The ponchos can make good tarps, too, but they're mainly useful to keep you and your movers comfortable while you weather the storm. We often keep a couple of ponchos in our trucks just in case. 

Umbrellas won't be too useful because you'll have your hands full, and waterproof clothing isn't too necessary either because you'll be moving so fast.

Though moving during a storm won't be ideal, you're bound to have fun if you've chosen to do it and know it'll be safe for everyone involved!

As You Think Ahead

Reach out! We're always ready to tackle last-minute challenges during moves. We'll be here to answer any questions you might have as you get started on the process.

And also to run through the rain with you if necessary!

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