Tending to the Garden: 5 Tips for Moving With Plants In Your New Place

If you're not a pet person, plants can bring new life and energy into your space. Some studies say that they can even remove toxins from the air we breathe. Plus, taking care of something can be endlessly fun, and in this article, we remind you of that! These tips will help you take care of your plants so they can take care of you.
Ross Sapir
By Ross Sapir
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Let's Get Gardening...

Plants add to the atmosphere of a home in so many ways. They cleanse the air and they add color and life to a room. You might think taking care of plants is a breeze and that all it takes is sun, water, sun, water, repeat. Well, not exactly. Do you really know how much water is actually healthy for plants? Or how to get into a routine that will ensure our plants live as long as possible? That’s okay! We didn’t either when we started out as home gardeners. Here are 4 essential points for keeping your plants healthy and green – when you are just starting out or if you have to relocate them from one home to another.

Sun, Sun, Sun

You don't need to live in the country to start gardening. Plants perform photosynthesis to convert sunshine into energy, which is essential for their survival, but if you've got a windowsill in your apartment, you're all good! A south-facing window will be best because it'll get the most light consistently, but even a north-facing one will provide a decent amount of light, if you position your plant right. Put your plant in a spot where you know the sun shines as the day goes on, and even consider moving the pot around if possible, if one spot won't do it. There's no such thing as too much light for your plant, but make sure your window isn't reflecting off any mirrors that might burn a hole in one of its leaves!

Above All, H2O

There is such a thing as too much water for your plant. This article is a fantastic resource when it comes to watering especially. It's important to research how much water your kind of plant needs on average, and to stick to that. Data online, though, isn't necessarily perfect for your plant. Trust yourself to provide your plant with not too little, but not too much, water every day. Don't turn the soil into mud, but don't let it become dust, either! This is a learning process, but you've got this. It's all part of the fun of raising and keeping a plant.


Get a brightly colored watering can for your apartment, so it'll catch your eye whenever you walk past it. You'll always remember to feed your plants!

Fresh Pot, Fresh Soil, Fresh Plant

In this vlog, there's great information about the importance of repotting your plants after you buy them. The two reasons are: the plant needs as much room as possible to thrive, and it needs lots of fresh soil, too. Though the pot and soil from the store might look okay, starting with new soil and a new pot will give your plants the best chance of long-term survival. This will also help you bond with your plant from the get-go. As soon as you get it, you'll be making it your own, which will make you all the more motivated to help it stick around!

Keep in mind that not all soils are the same. There's garden soil, which is best for larger spaces and outdoor use, and then there's potting soil, which is best for raising plants in pots indoors. While fertilizer might help your plants grow, do research about whether it might jeopardize the lifespan of your plants. We recommend asking around at the store or reading reviews of particular kinds of soil online, to figure out what will be best for you and the kind of plants you're planning to raise. Also, as the video recommends, be sure to pack the soil firmly in the pot to replicate the ground outside!

Make the Routine a Habit

During a busy season at work or any time really, it can be easy to slip out of a routine and forget to take care of your plants. They don't bark when they need love like dogs do! But right after you get plants, set up a routine for yourself, and make something of a New Year's resolution. Dedicate yourself to watering them at certain times of the day, when you know you'll always be able to, and figure out where to place your plants, and where to move them every now and then if need be. For example, name one day of the week “Thirsty Thursday” or “Water Me Wednesday” and take care of your plants before you enjoy your first cup of coffee. Like keeping a diary or working out, consistency is absolutely crucial here. Soon, tending to your indoor plants will become a habit. It'll feel like a natural, easy, and enjoyable part of your day.

Treat It Like a Friendship

Taking care of plants is a commitment, just like a friendship. And you can’t turn your back on your friends. When you put in the effort, trust, and care, you get joy and energy back. At some point in the future, you'll be looking around your place admiring your beautiful plants and feeling proud of the space you have created. Plants in your home can boost concentration and productivity by up to 15%, reduce your stress and make your space so much more beautiful, bright, and alive! When you put the work in, just like with friends, the rewards are really amazing.

Quick Tips To Move Your Plants Like a Pro

  • Put your plants into shatter-proof plastic pots so they won’t break when you move them. 
  • Water your plants normally two days before you move. Not on move day! 
  • Use brown paper or an old sheet to wrap your plants to prevent branches from breaking.
  • Use paper to pad the box around the base of the pot to hold the pot in place.
  • Give it air—use punch holes so your green pal can breathe. 
  • Make plants a priority to unpack. Remove plants through the bottom of the box so the branches don’t break.
  • Then let them be. Find them a new space and then give them time to acclimate.

Don't Leaf Yet...

If you're planning on decorating your new apartment with plenty of plants, feel free to reach out to us. We'll be here to help you make the move, and might even be able to offer casual advice about where your plants might look best! For more apartment advice, check out our other awesome blog posts here!

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