Moving Day Safety Tips to Protect Your Happiness

Let’s face it, relocating can be tedious, emotionally draining, and if not done right, even a little dangerous. And while living dangerously is sexy in theory, we promise Moving Day shouldn’t be. So with a glass-is-half-full-approach, our movers have collected their top safety tips to make your move a great experience. Check out these tips to make your move safe, efficient, and even kind of well, fun.
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A Guide To Help Prepare for Your Move

Here is the best piece of advice: don’t do it yourself. If you have the funds, hiring professional movers is your best option. If you can’t find the money, ask your Mom and Dad, a wealthy uncle, whomever you can get to help you out. If you really really really HAVE to move stuff on your own, we’ve got some tips for you. But if you want to have a safe and joyful experience as you move into a new space, hiring a pro is the top tip we can offer. Moving on…

Stuff happens

If you decide to relocate without using a pro mover, be prepared to face the unexpected. An item lost or broken, an unforeseen sizing error that makes it impossible to fit something into the back of your car or rental. These things happen at times. So get in the “go with the flow” zone and you will be a lot happier on move day.

Please be sure to always remember “safety first” because guess what; your health and safety need to be a top priority. Starting off feeling good is the only way to go.

That’s why it's it 100% critical that you know basic moving safety precautions. We’ve got lots of tips here for you so read on!

Stretch like Mrs. Incredible

Moving is a rigorous physical activity. You may not be Elastigirl or Stretch Armstrong, but you need to stretch to avoid muscle cramps and other indicators of insufficient physical preparation. Tense muscles and limbs can cause injuries. Stretch your body throughout the day, focusing on potential trouble areas like your knees and shoulders. This will assist you in easing any stress or discomfort you may experience and keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. Stretching your legs is especially crucial for actions involving stairs or long routes while carrying heavy goods or driving for hours. It’s also smart to eat a banana or drink a potassium drink to help alleviate muscle cramps. In many ways, moving is an athletic event, the better shape you are in, the better your move will go.

Avoid overpacking

Moving boxes are designed to hold a specific amount of weight, and if you exceed that weight, your back, knees, and other joints may be strained or injured. You also run the risk of the box collapsing and the contents within being broken. The advantage of the box is that it protects not only your stuff but also your body from painful injury in case of breaking.

Now, whether you purchased brand-new cardboard boxes for your move or obtained free boxes in good shape, the finest moving safety standards recommend that you secure those cardboard containers one more time for added security.

Lift the boxes safely

Once you have made sure that all things are packed in boxes that can withstand the item’s weight and pressure, follow proper heavy lifting protocol to stay safe and avoid harm. Maintain as neutral a spine alignment as possible. Lift with your legs rather than your back. Squatting and keeping proper posture when lifting a large object relieves needless stress on the spine, reducing the risk of injury.

Bend at the knees McGee

Remember to bend at the knees, never the waist when carrying boxes and furniture. To maintain proper balance, keep heavy-weighted items close to your center. Avoid twisting your body while lifting or carrying anything.

Slow and steady wins the race

Sure, you have many boxes to lift and a lot to do. But do not rush. The goal might be to finish loading the truck as soon as possible, but it should not cost you your health. Don’t pick multiple items at a time and try to load them. You might hurt your back, or you will end up damaging the item. Hence, it is best to be patient throughout the process.

Take one step at a time while moving. Additionally, you should ensure that each item is correctly lifted and moved. Working in a patient manner is not so difficult. It might be a slow process, but it surely will be a safe and successful one.


While packing up your entire place, you know there will be a mess. You won’t be able to do the packaging and cleaning at the same time. Therefore, it is best to stay alert and ensure that all the objects that can topple you over or make you lose your balance are kept aside.

Also, staying alert will help you through the process and not just in your home. The entire truck will be loaded with items worth thousands of dollars. So it is best to be vigilant all the time.

Be prepared

Moving is not a simple task, and you should be prepared for any risks at any time. Your preparations start from the time you start packing the first box. There are a lot of things that you should remain prepared for.

Don’t be a hero

If you feel like the whole task is overwhelming for you, you always have the option to seek help. Relocation cannot be done efficiently by a single person. While the help of trusted friends is good, hiring a pro is even better!

Treat your body like a temple

If you don’t do it correctly, your move can get the best of you. Come on, you are way too smart for that. Be sure to take care of yourself on move day–and you will love your new place even more.

Celebrate you!

We hope these tips will keep you focused on a safer, smarter move. Because starting fresh is exciting, but not if you feel sore and achy or disorganized. Make move day a special ceremonious time. Toast with sparkling cider or champagne. We wish you all the best in your new home.

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