Tackling the Closet: Quick Tips for Packing Clothing More Efficiently

Packing clothing isn't difficult. But packing clothing efficiently is. Here's how to perfect the process ahead of your move.
Ross Sapir
By Ross Sapir
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Packing clothing isn't difficult. But packing clothing efficiently is. 

Maybe you've experienced a situation like this: you've got to leave for the airport in 5 minutes, and your suitcase is full, but somehow half the clothes you want to bring are still on the floor. Packing for a move can be even more difficult because you've got to pack all your clothes. 

So here are ways to make the most of your boxes and suitcases. And also to keep your clothes safe and sound during the move!

Stop, Drop, and Roll

If you've never tried rolling your clothes while packing, here's a revelation for you. 

Rolling everything from shirts and pants to sweaters and underwear will save you an unbelievable amount of space in your suitcases and boxes. 

Just think about how much space a pair of pants folded normally takes up. And now think about how much a rolled up pair of pants would take up. You've just secured some very precious real estate, and it only took a couple of seconds. 

You can experiment with different methods of rolling depending on your clothes. But however you go about it, roll them as tightly as possible. That way, you'll be able to fit twice as many (or more) pieces of clothing than you have in the past.


If you've got clothes that tend to live on hangers, definitely fold instead of roll them. Rolling is great for everyday items, but not for special pieces. Also: pack your hangers separately to save space!

Divide and Conquer

Now that you've started rolling your clothing, it's time to think about where to put everything. 

It's easy to forget that clothes can be some of the heaviest items you're moving. In bulk, they can really add up, so it's key to be strategic. 

In a recent blog about packing books, we discussed a method of dividing them up into boxes of equal weight. This one applies for clothing, too.

You most likely won't want to lug a massive box full of winter coats up the stairs of your new building. If you place one of these coats in each of your suitcases or boxes, though, the burden will be almost unnoticeable. 

You'll get familiar with the weight of your clothing boxes, which means there won't be surprises on move day itself. This way, the process will feel more consistent and hopefully quicker, too!

Lighten the Load

Sometimes, moves can be so chaotic that you don't really remember where you've packed everything. When it comes to clothes, this can actually be turned into a strength. 

Don't stress yourself out thinking about what should go where. Once you've rolled everything up, feel free to pack quickly and loosely. As long as you're sticking to the weight balance method, it really won't matter where you've packed everything. You'll just be unpacking those clothes soon and putting them on anyway! 

So think of packing clothing as something of a pause in the process. Throw the rolls into the boxes, maybe while listening to a great playlist, and just try to have fun with it. 

After all, the most efficient thing you can do during a move is to put the process into perspective and appreciate the moment. When you're doing that, you'll find you're suddenly more productive than ever.

Above All

Work ahead! As we mentioned above, packing clothes at the last minute tends to be extremely common. 

If you can get a head start on packing your clothing, you might discover that everything else will fall into place. Clothing is a major stressor during the moving process because there are so many separate objects you have to deal with. 

But if you get it done first, the rest will be smooth sailing. 

Even before you do that, reach out to get started on the planning process with us! We're always here to help make your move easier. Check out the rest of our blog for more tips, too.

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