On the Move: Tackling Your Exercise Gear

Wondering how to move your weights, treadmill, or Peloton? Don't tackle it on your own. Here's how to find the right team.
Ross Sapir
By Ross Sapir
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Moving to a new place means moving everything you've got. That includes your mattress, your carpets, and even your exercise gear.

Heavy items like these can be brutal to tackle on your own. Exercise equipment in particular requires a kind of expertise to move. 

Ranging from hand-held weights to your Peloton Tread, exercise equipment can be one of the most difficult features of a move because of their weight and awkward shapes. They really can't be moved by a single person. And because they're expensive, it's crucial to move them carefully.

So if you've got exercise equipment and plan to move it to your new place, find a team to support you. 

Here's how to build a group of your own and merge it with ours on move day.

Know Your Strengths

First, figure out where you'll be able to help out the most. 

Are you better at packing than carrying? Are you better at planning and delegating than getting your hands dirty? Knowing your strengths is crucial when starting a big project like moving exercise gear.

After you've got a solid understanding of where you'll be able to help, start! When you reach out to others, they'll love to know you won't be starting from square one. Even if you won't be able to carry the heavy stuff, you will have already established yourself as an essential player.

Knowing your strengths means knowing your weaknesses. This mindfulness will help you reach out to the right people as you move forward.

Divide and Assign

Who do you know who can do some heavy lifting? While your movers (us!) will do 99% of it, you may want to get a head start so that move day itself will be smoother. Moving your gear closer to the front door, for example, is a part of the process most people don't think about.

Whether it's your sibling, partner, or roommate, asking for help with heavy lifting is essential. The more people you can get on board, the better. Dividing the weight, and assigning positions for carrying, will make it easier, and faster, for everyone!

Take Your Time

We're never in a rush when we help clients move. And you shouldn't be, either!

We understand how exciting a move can be, and how much you want to get it over with. Especially when it comes to moving very heavy items, though, you should move as slowly and carefully as possible. And reach out to pros like us to do most of the work!

It may seem quickest just to throw your gear into our truck. But we tend to move slower and disassemble when we can. 

This makes the weight way more manageable, and it saves a ton of space. 

Disassembling with your own team can be a great way to get a head start. It might take a bit longer at first. But because we'll be able to fit all your gear in our truck at the same time, we won't have to do several runs. Which'll probably save time in the end!

Let's Go

When you're ready to embark upon the move, reach out! We'll be here to help handle your exercise gear however we can. If you don't feel like getting a head start, don't sweat it.

We've got tons of experience working with Peloton bikes, Peloton Treads, and all kinds of other gear. If you're not sure how to start on your own, before we arrive, ask us! We love collaborating with clients from the get-go. 

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