8 Tips for Moving In With Your Partner

Living with someone is incredibly exciting and incredibly scary. It can be difficult to settle into that new way of life, but it's important to remember the exciting part! This is a huge step in your relationship, and you should celebrate. As you settle into a new era, check out these tips for setting the tone together.
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A New Adventure Awaits!

You're moving in together. Congrats! As you begin a new phase of the relationship, it's important to be mindful of how to set a positive, collaborative tone together. You're now a part of a day-to-day team, and if this is your first time living with someone, or if it's been a while, these tips are here to serve as a foundation for your new adventure.

1. Pack Early

Getting a head start on the process will make the move much more relaxed. A stressful, hectic moving day is never ideal, especially not when you're trying to focus on starting a new life with someone. Prepare as far in advance as possible so your moving day itself reflects the relaxed, well-organized, and trusting relationship you're building with your partner.

Don't forget to capture the moments that move you

2. Document It

Making memories during a move is the perfect way to set a fun tone. You can frame these photos later to commemorate the start of this new chapter, which will help you reflect on your teamwork and remember why you decided to live together in the first place.

With the right moving partner, you can take some time off to enjoy your new neighborhood

3. Visit the Neighborhood

Before move day, visit your new neighborhood and make date-night plans for those first few weeks. Since turning your new place into a home can take up a big part of your budget, check out some affordable ideas here. Being in a brand new place is a great chance to try new restaurants or visit new parks together after the move. Visits like these will help you put the stress of the move in perspective: it's only a step on the long road of your shared life together. Planning fun things for after the move will make the move itself zoom by! These visits are also an awesome opportunity to stop by your place to make sure it's clean and move-in ready.

Fabrics, paint, furniture choices…oh my!

4. Discuss the Vibe

Collaborate with your partner to decide what kind of a vibe you'd like to create in your new place. Mellow? Modern? Both? Being open to bouncing ideas off each other at this point in the move is great practice for the day-to-day collaborations ahead.

5. Think Minimal

Clearing out clutter during the packing process can get you off to a smooth, minimalistic start at your new place. If you're having trouble getting rid of certain items, we totally hear you and recommend considering putting them in storage. Also consider dividing up these items into these categories: sell, store, donate. Our disposal service is here for you, too. We can help you with household goods, appliances, and furniture, which we can even disassemble if needed. We can also deliver anything to your choice of charity. Giving back is the perfect way to give yourself a fresh start.

6. Stay Steady

If things take an unexpected turn during your move, try not to stress. If your partner seems stressed, take on a leadership role and focus on the positive. You can do this by adding levity through laughter and jokes, taking a moment to stand outside and take a deep breath, or blasting some music you both love.


Put colored stickers on each box and have them correlate with a room in your new place. On move day, put a matching sticker on the door to each room. This way, you'll have a seamless plan to follow.

A good game of rocks, paper, scissors always makes decision-making easy…and fun!

7. Divide Duties Strategically

In the days and weeks leading up to the move, decide who will be responsible for what during the move. Just like you'll eventually discuss who might wash dishes or take out the trash on certain days of the week, dividing the work equally is crucial to setting a great tone as this new adventure begins.

A busy move day deserves some chill time

8. Think of the First Night as a Trip

Though you will have just moved into your new home, it's always romantic to think of your new place as a vacation destination on the first night or two. Check out our tips on how to make the first night in your new place amazing. Think of it as a cozy getaway where you can focus on each other. Make that first month as exciting as possible, so you'll always view your shared place as one of love and joy. 

Here's a packing list you might consider for your "travels" at home!

  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Fresh Sheets
  • A Few Rolls of Toilet Paper and Soap
  • Pajamas
  • A Change of Clothes or Two
  • Phone Charger
  • Daily Vitamins and Medications
  • Tea, Coffee, and Simple Breakfast Items
  • A Mini Toolbox for Assembling Furniture
  • A Bottle of Wine or Champagne


This is one of the most exciting steps you can take in a relationship, how thrilling! We hope these steps are a helpful foundation as you navigate this new set-up with your partner. Reach out our movers anytime to let us handle your move and take away your stress.

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