Bundle Up: Tips for Moving During the Winter

You've landed an apartment. Congrats! Only trouble is, you've got to move in during the winter. Here are some tips for staying warm, focused, and even chilled-out on a very chilly move day.
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By Ross Sapir
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As we discussed in a recent article, apartment rental prices can be at their most affordable during the winter. While options might be a bit sparse, fewer people want to move during the winter than in summer, which can be a plus in some ways. But there's also a reason for this shift: moving in during the winter isn't exactly anyone's idea of a dream situation. Even if you've landed a spot for a great price, you'll still have to weather the elements more than a lot of other newcomers. Here are some tips for making the most of your winter-time move.`

Let's Get Started

1. Bundle (Everything) Up

We don't need to tell you it'll probably be cold on move day. While most movers will probably pack their parkas deep in their bags, you'll no doubt be wearing yours while you're trudging up the stairs. But this just means you won't have to carry extra weight! 

Once you've bundled up yourself, remember to give a little extra care to your belongings. You won't need to warm your plates with blankets, but it's a good idea to look ahead at the weather and see if there'll be any snow or sleet that might drench some of your boxes. If that's the case, ask your professional movers (us!) whether there's another kind of box you could use for foul weather.

If a storm rolls along the coast right before your move, covering your boxes in plastic always works. Whether you do this by putting your boxes in clean trash bags or covering them with your raincoats is totally up to you, but do your best to keep your stuff dry.

Speaking of dry, moving furniture into a new apartment can be especially tricky in the winter. The plastic trick definitely still applies here, but most likely, it'll simply be a matter of planning meticulously before you actually move in. By this we mean that you won't have the luxury of standing around outside your apartment for a bit while you're trying to move in. You'll have to get that furniture in the lobby as soon as possible, and by any means necessary!

If the weather really is terrible, remember that umbrellas are you best friend, and that if you absolutely need to, you can postpone your move-in date a day or two. 

2. Prep for the First Night

Prioritizing and planning on a cozy first night in your new apartment can make the cold move slip by really fast. When you're heading up and down your stairs, in and out of the winter chill all day, it'll help to know that you've got a plan for the night ahead.

Maybe you'll order in from a cool restaurant in your new neighborhood, set up candles and Netflix by the bathtub, or both. Whatever your plan is, make sure it's as cozy as possible to warm you up at the end of the day, and also during the day when you imagine it!

Stay in touch with your landlord about the heating in your apartment, too. If you know your apartment might be drafty, pack a bunch of extra blankets. In fact, pack a bunch of extra blankets whether you know your place'll be drafty or not. After the day you'll have, it definitely couldn't hurt to have as many nice blankets as possible.

3. Sweat, but Don't Sweat It

Moving fast and sweating a lot on move day will actually warm you up while also making you more productive! You'd be sweating on a summer move day, anyway, so it works out pretty well that your hard work will keep you comfortable.

But no matter what you do, don't stress about moving during the winter! It sounds really daunting, and a bit unpleasant, but all in all, moves tend to pass pretty quickly. Though you'll definitely spend some of the day out on the sidewalk, when you use a professional moving service like us, you'll find that you won't be covered in snow. 

It's key to realize that once you move to NYC or Philly in the winter, there's nothing you can't do there. Your move day will actually be the perfect start to your new experience, because it'll be intense in the best way possible and prepare you for the beautiful chaos of city life. 

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Get Moving!

Even if it seems daunting right now, you know you've got this. Perhaps the best tip of all is just to get started and go for it, whatever the temperature is!

When you see all the other NYC newcomers sweating in stairwells all summer, you won't have to! When it comes down to it, everyone wishes they could be moving at the exact opposite time they're currently moving. People moving in the winter wish it were warmer, and people moving in the summer wish it were cooler. But at the end of the day, the key is stay chill whether it's hot or cold and focus on putting your life between your four new walls.

Whether you're moving to NYC or Philly, reach out! We'd love to help make your process as effortless as possible.

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